The Swashbuckling tales of Captain Moses

Chapter IV

         The first thing Moses saw when he awoke was a siren sitting upon a rock, her tail resting in the water. He recognized her as the siren that had brought him to King Neptune in the first place. He quickly pulled on his captains uniform, wolfed down some grapes and a croissant, and raced out to the water to meet her, leaving a note for his crew as to his whereabouts before he left. As soon as the siren saw him approaching her rock, she dove into the water and swam off, with Moses following closely after her.

         When she had led him to the palace, she swam off and he entered the courts of King Neptune once again. He came before the king and bowed to him. “What news have you for me?” asked the king. “The wicked king refuses to release them, and makes their work harder.” related Moses. “How will we ever change his mind, your esteemed majesty?” inquired Moses.  ” Tell him that I will plague his land six times with disaster. I have enchanted your spyglass so that whenever you twist it, I will know to send the plagues at the times that you see fit.” Moses thanked the king and swam back to the Emerald to tell Aaron about their new mission.

        As soon as Aaron had been informed about what was to happen, they once more approached King Khalfani to warn him about the plagues to come and to beg him to let the Dyonites leave. When he stubbornly resisted, Moses twisted the spyglass once, and moments later, a noticeable humidity covered the island. And a terrible stench arose from the marketplace that was so bad that he felt an intense urge to investigate. What he found when he followed the smell was that the fish and produce in the market had rotted, and the bread was moldy. Moses knew that with circumstances like this, the king would have to give in soon.

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