Tapestry of Grace Year 4 – Here we come!

I cannot wait for Monday; to start Tapestry of Grace Year 4.  Nobody ever says she can’t wait until Monday, but yup, that would be me.  You see, I have been away from Tapestry of Grace for too many years and have come back to the redesigned edition.

On Monday, August 26th, we start back on track and I have done my due diligence.  I have created spreadsheets of books, trivium levels, chore charts, activity charts, made my supply list – which I will purchase tomorrow – borrowed as many books from the library as possible this week, joined a TOG support group at Yahoo, purchased my materials (at a great price from KurriculumKorner.com), poured over Marcia Somerville (free) videos and filled out my date book with everything we need to know for the next month.  I have never been so organized in my life.

Now, let’s see how tomorrow goes.  But for tonight, a Bollywood movie with my husband.

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