The Swashbuckling tales of Captain Moses

                                                                                                            Chapter III

It took but a day’s journey to travel to Tritonia, and Captain Moses and his crew docked safely at Tritonia Harbor that night.

          They slept on the Emerald and in the morning, Captain Moses and his first mate, Lieutenant Aaron Holmes entered the courts of the wicked king Khalfani. “Who are you to approach my excellence?” The king’s voice was gravelly and aloof, and it made Moses feel sheepish. He nudged his first mate, so that he would start talking. “I am Lieutenant Aaron Holmes, and this is my captain, Moses.” Aaron said. “King Khalfani, I beseech you, let the Dyonites go free!” he exclaimed. “In whose name?” demanded the king.

         “In the name of his majesty, King Neptune of the emerald seas!” Aaron boldly proclaimed. The king chuckled as if they were mere entertainers in his court. “And why, pray, should I be frightened of this ‘King Neptune’ you speak so highly of?” He bellowed.

          Just at this moment, a fierce strike of lightning shook the small island. “Because, if you do not, fiercer things than mere lightning shall plague this island.” said Aaron. King Khalfani brushed them off like flies. “Leave my presence.” He said. They complied and went back to the Emerald.  Despite his careless manner, the king had actually become quite wary of this Lieutenant Aaron and his Captain Moses.

         He sent for the slaves’ master, and instructed him to take away their pickaxes, for their job was mining gold, and to replace them with weak wooden chisels. “Tell them that they must produce double the amount of gold daily, even with the meager tools supplied.”

          When the Dyonites were told about this, they were mortified. They went to Moses and told him what had happened to them because of him. “I will try to fix this.” He told them. “For now, try your hardest with the weak tools provided.

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