Knight Moses chapter 1

Knight Moses was in his fields on sheep duty, because he wasn’t yet fully knighted and had the lowly duties of livestock tending for some time to come. Suddenly, there was a boy who called “Wolf!”and the sheep bolted in all directions. Knight Moses spent the good part of his day bringing the sheep back to the field, and had returned all but one at the end of the day. As the sky grew dark, he set off in search of the last sheep, seemingly blind and disoriented in the darkness. When he thought all hope was lost, he suddenly saw a small flickering light inside of a cave. He went inside, his helmet barely missing the low ceiling, and crept closer to what he now recognized as a bush, set on fire.

I do declare!” he exclaimed, attempting to extinguish the flame with the cloak on his back.

Knight Moses!” a voice said.

Who’s there?” Knight Moses asked, bewildered.

I am King Arthur,” the voice said.

Knight Moses stopped waving his cape, realizing that the voice was coming from the bush itself. “No you’re not, King Arthur is dead!”

I have a task for you, one which is very important.”

Me? But I’m not even a real knight yet!”

Go to the kingdom and free the minstrels, long enslaved to work at court. Free them to return to their music once more.”

Why me?” Knight Moses said, backing his way slowly out of the cave.

I am your king! Do not leave me while I am talking to you. And take off your boots, those heavy metal clonkers!” Knight Moses removed his boots. “I am in your service.”

Go to my kingdom and save the minstrels!” He said.

I don’t have a sword! I don’t even have a plan!” he scratched his head.

Look under your cloak!” King Arthur said. Knight Moses pulled aside his cloak, alarmed to discover a sword, the very one used by King Arthur himself, Excalibur! “I do declare.” He murmured. “Now go rescue the minstrels! If the kingdom won’t let them go, then show them your sword.”

But-but I stutter when I’m n-nervous! Th-they’ll never listen to m-me.” Suddenly a man appeared beside him, looking dazed and confused, with wide eyes.

This is Joshua. He’ll speak for you.” King Arthur said. “Now go.”

Joshua rubbed tired eyes and waved. “Hi there!” Knight Moses turned back to the bush, but the flame had been extinguished! He picked up his boots, and together with Joshua, he headed back to the kingdom.

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